Collective agreements

Collective agreements are an integral part of managing your business with Miles ERP. They provide a framework for personnel related activities in your system: the program monitors that day-to-day operations are conducted within the rules you specify and notifies you of any deviations.

Miles ERP includes settings for a general collective agreement of Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT – you can customize the settings and define completely new agreements for your company. Agreements in Miles ERP can vary from employee to employee, meaning your system can handle several separate collective agreements at the same time.

Shifts are automatically adjusted to comply with the collective agreement in both resource planning and handling realized shifts:

  • if the shift is shorter than the minimum duration specified in the agreement, the shift will be supplemented to comply with the minimum duration
  • the system automatically detects the optimal period for the longest unpaid break and any waiting times are adjusted to the shift
  • hours for sick leave days can be counted according to planned shifts or fixed daily working hours

Effects on resourcing

In rota planning, Miles ERP helps ensure that shifts are built in accordance with the collective agreements you specify. You are aided by:

  • employee specific information on planned and actual working hours for the period
  • monitoring of vacations and sick leaves
  • inspection of the minimum number of periodic and weekly holidays
  • inspection of daily rest periods

Effects on payroll processing

The following items of collective agreements are taken into account in the payroll processing:

  • vacations and sick leaves
  • additional payments for public holidays and their eves
  • salary supplements that depend on the type of transit, such as the ADR bonus
  • minimum paid hours guaranteed in the agreement
  • overtime pay
    • e.g., 50% overtime pay for the first 12 hours and 100% for the hours thereafter
  • regional pay and shift allowances
  • wage supplements such as evening, night, and Sunday allowances
  • daily allowances