ERP software for bus transport

Bus companies have played an essential role in the development of Miles ERP.

Miles ERP has been created and is being developed in collaboration with knowledgeable bus companies. The system comes with general functionality common to all transport industries and with features that are particularly useful for the bus/charter business:

  • extensive support for different types of bus transport, such as
    • fixed-route bus lines
    • charter bus services
    • student transport
    • pickups and drop-offs
  • plenty of user-friendly features for order processing: e.g., a single order can quickly be divided into separate pickup and delivery or assigned for several vehicles
  • tools for fixed-route resource optimization and expense projection make tendering a lot easier
  • define products and send service price lists to your customers
  • manage scheduled maintenances, issues, and inspections of your fleet
  • integration with travel retail systems
  • streamlined order entry thanks to a variety of easy-to-use features and call center integration
  • automatic journey reminders for customers
  • pre-defined collective agreements, also for commission work

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» The comparison table shows the differences between all Miles ERP versions.