ERP software for freight transport

Whether it’s small or large packages or even transportation of entire vehicles, Miles ERP helps getting the job done.

Miles ERP has been created in collaboration with knowledgeable road freight companies. The system comes with general functionality common to all transport industries and with features that are particularly useful for the freight transport:

  • extensive support for different types of transport
    • on-demand
    • contract freight
    • demountable transport
    • linehaul
    • pickups and deliveries
    • special transports
    • waste transport
  • comprehensive fleet management
  • route planning of pickups and deliveries
  • platform tracking
  • cargo tracking
  • transport chain management and automation
  • use loading zones, terminals, and service points as part of the transport chain
  • send automatic queries to the customers to find the most suitable delivery times
  • use the mobile app to collect customer e-signatures
  • mobile app enables the drivers not only to enter transit data, but also send photographed consignment notes directly to the system

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