ERP software for taxi companies

Miles ERP masters the practices of taxi industry.
The software is a fitting choice for all types of transits, including accessible and VIP services.

Miles ERP is a genuine taxi business ERP system. It keeps all your company's everyday processes running smoothly at your fingertips. The system is packed with general functionality common to all transport industries and with features that are developed particularly with taxi companies in mind:

  • taximeter integrations
    • get completed transits and their payment transaction data easily into the system
    • use taximeter data to create drivers' shifts
    • the system can also function perfectly even without a taximeter
  • extensive support for various types of transits
    • instant bookings, that can be fully automated
    • hail-a-taxi rides
    • on-demand transport
    • social services and other subsidised transport
    • student transport
    • combined orders with several pickups and drop-offs
    • paratransit / community transport
    • food and small goods transport
  • use the calendar to schedule work shifts for the drivers
  • easy handling of end-of-shift settlements and salary advances
  • get shift income reports for your accountant
  • streamlined order entry thanks to a variety of easy-to-use features and call center integration
  • see all vehicle locations and usability status on the map
  • drivers can pick up unassigned transits from the order list
  • the mobile app includes tools for driver cooperation – e.g., for managing multi-car transits and coordinating other field activities
  • pre-defined collective agreements, also for commission work

You can use the taxi version of Miles ERP also for all bus transport.
» The comparison table shows the differences between all Miles ERP versions.