How to use

Windows application

  • for supervisors / office
  • complete set of administrative and management features
  • available for Windows devices

Mobile app

AndroidiOS & macOSLinuxWindows
  • for your mobile workforce
  • complete feature set for drivers
  • some management features for supervisors / office
  • GPS positioning of a mobile device
  • available for all operating systems
    (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux)
  • can be installed as an application on Android and iOS

Miles ERP is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and can be used on very basic desktop and mobile devices. All the software's core management features and system preferences are accessed using the Windows application, so you only need a Windows device to get started.

In addition, there is a mobile app for your mobile workforce, especially drivers, but also for on-call office personnel and supervisors. The mobile app is browser-based and can be used on almost any device even without installation – however, you can install it like a native application on an Android or an iOS device.

Besides the Windows application and the mobile app, the system utilizes email, SMS and printed documents for communications. You can also provide your customers with online forms to be used for orders and quote requests, as well as for accepting offers and cancelling orders.

Role-based guidance available

Miles ERP is familiar with transportation business processes and aims to make sure that all important tasks are performed in time. Thus, it acts not only as a powerful operative tool but also a tireless memory support bringing relief to user's daily cognitive workload.

The system is based on user roles: each role has appropriate rights and tasks defined. You are guided with role specific to-do lists and reminded with quick links about tasks that require your immediate attention: delayed transits, late sign-ins or unsent invoices will not go unnoticed.