Mobile app

Miles ERP mobile app delivers drivers all the information they need in real time. Order status, drivers' transit-related entries, and vehicle locations are relayed to the office for operational planning and invoicing.

The mobile app can be used on any device that has a modern web browser.
It includes, e.g., the following features:

Orders and work hours

  • View and print rotas
  • View and print work orders / freight bills
  • Manage transits and add data entries
  • Pick up unassigned orders from the list
  • Shift passenger's ride to another vehicle in student transport
  • Work time tracking: clock in and out, enter hours worked and report work details in real time
  • Request shift, leave or holiday and notify of sick leaves
  • Add entries for daily allowances
    • Optionally, Miles ERP can determine daily allowances automatically based on the collective agreement
  • View payslips
  • Scan freight bills
  • Collect recipient's e-signature
  • View fixed route schedules
  • Print sign for transit

Reporting vehicle information

  • Vehicle's parking space at the garage
  • Issues
  • Mileage
  • Refuelings
  • Toilet maintenance

Order and vehicle information automations

  • As the transit progresses, its status is automatically passed on to the office – real-time situation of any order is always available for dispatchers and transit managers
  • Vehicle GPS locations get updated in real time on the map view of the Windows application
  • The system also automatically detects and updates the vehicle's depot location based on its GPS information

Internal communications

  • Chat
  • Phone book
  • Internal announcements
  • View locations of other active vehicles