Miles ERP manages payroll processing and payment of salaries from start to finish. Optionally, you can export your data to external payroll systems.

The software supports a wide range of compensation models such as fixed salary, commission, and hourly pay.

    Hourly payments can be determined:
  • according to planned shifts
  • based on the entries by the driver in the mobile app
  • based on the actual transit data
    Also supported:
  • regional pay
  • shift allowance
  • emergency callback pay
  • reimbursement of expenses
  • withholding tax
  • trade union membership fees
  • employer contributions
  • flex-time and banked hours

Payroll transactions and reports

Once the payroll transactions have been created, the system creates salary payment data that can be exported to the bank, and you also get access to comprehensive payroll reports, such as:

  • salary breakdowns
  • summary of all payroll transactions, sick leaves, and daily allowances

Even if some orders have not yet been approved for invoicing, the related salaries and wages can be pre-processed – this will allow payroll transactions to be created, for example, at the turn of the period, when the pricing of the orders is often still in progress.

Payroll transactions can be used in calculating order margins.

Integration with external systems

You can export payroll transaction data into other programs. Miles ERP integrates with several payroll systems.