Miles ERP makes the workflow of the subcontracted orders as convenient as the ones your company handles itself.

You can store regularly used subcontractors in your system and take full advantage of Miles ERP's resourcing and post-processing automations. If a more surprising need arises, there is also a feature for urgent subcontracting, which helps you instantly forward orders to novel substitute subcontractors.

Regular subcontractors

Once the subcontractor's information is stored in the system

  • the process of assigning subcontractor's vehicles for orders in transit planning is like assigning your company's own vehicles
  • subcontractor can have a user account for your system's mobile app for handling transits and recording their entries
    • user account can be permanent or order specific
  • driver's payroll processing and payments to subcontractors are handled automatically

Subcontractor payment management

Compensation for orders is determined by a subcontracting agreement, which can simultaneously include several pricing criteria:

  • flat rate
  • price per distance
  • hourly rate
  • various surcharges
  • commission on the price of the order is also supported

You can specify contract pricing for each order type and project.

Urgent subcontracting

Miles ERP also enables you to send orders to a subcontractor whose information is not yet stored on your system:

  • this feature is especially useful when the transport needs to get assigned instantly and there is no time to add full subcontractor information to the register
  • the subcontractor handles the transit process with an order specific user account