Technical information

  • Miles ERP is developed with .Net technology
  • System utilizes Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Includes real-time and two-tier backups
  • Located in a Finnish server room that meets the official security classifications and is equipped with duplicate connections and components

Hardware requirements

Windows application [ Learn more ]

Mobile app [ Learn more ]

  • Works on any device with a web browser
  • Your browser must have Javascript enabled
  • Can be installed as an Android and iOS application
    (installation is also possible on other devices with a PWA-compatible browser)
  • If you want to locate the device, it must have GPS capability
  • Log in

Collector for e-signatures

This standalone application offers an alternative option for collecting recipients' e-signatures if you do not want to use the mobile app for the process.

Extension APIs

Miles ERP integrates with other systems through APIs allowing you to extend functionality when needed.

API descriptions are available on request.