Transport chain management

With Miles ERP you easily manage freight orders that need to be split, combined, or automatically relayed through a scheduled transport chain.

Splitting orders

You can split a freight order into several loads and schedule multiple transitions on different vehicles for their transportation. In practice, the original order can be assigned to as many vehicles and transits as necessary with freight bill line accuracy. Naturally, it is also possible to combine loads from separate orders into one collective transport.

When the order is registered, you can quickly select reloading locations. The loads are easy to handle and move around in groups or individually in the Transit Planning application.

Orders passing through a transport chain

You can define a transport chain that operates with a fixed schedule and pricing and consists of a combination of linehauls, pickups, and deliveries. After specifying transport chain's terminals, customer service centers and regular transit schedules, it is easy to relay orders through the chain.

Automatic notifications of arrival

The recipient receives an arrival notification SMS when the order is ready to be picked up from the customer service center – or if you have a regular delivery service, an SMS notification about the estimated delivery time can also be sent automatically; the message also contains a link that allows the recipient to change the delivery time, if necessary.

Route planning

Transit Planning includes a route optimization tool for pickups and deliveries.

Pricing and resourcing

As with the pricing of any orders, you can use a transport contract and/or zone pricing in the transport chain. Each part of the chain can be priced separately, and you can specify both pre-priced sections and sections that are priced based on the actual transit.

Similarly, it is easy to assign any part of the transport chain to different units or even subcontractors. The shipping fee is automatically credited proportionally to the units involved.