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This table lists the key features of different Miles ERP versions.
» Additional features or completely new software versions can be developed as needed – ask/suggest or request a quote!

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Freight
Prices starting at ? 95/mo
  included       add-on
Company information
Company and office registry
Depots and garages
Advanced transport chain management: scheduled combination of linehauls, pickups and deliveries including terminals
Personnel registry
Subcontractor registry
Contracts and additional fees
Customer registry
Online forms for orders and quote requests
Email links for accepting offers
Email links for cancelling offers
Management of online form users
Secure email
Order type management
Subsidised orders (social services transport)
Street register and geocoding of addresses
Caller identification
Creation of multiple recurring orders
Import from file and via API
Product/service price lists and discount groups
Manual pricing
Automatic pricing based on:
  • contract
  • pricing table
Driver's transit-related entries via mobile app
Driving distances automatically from vehicle tracking device
Loading units registry
Electronic waste transfer document
Rota planning
Staff availability calendar
Comprehensive rota planning view
Reusable rota templates
Fixed-route resource optimization and expense projection tool
Transit planning
Comprehensive transit planning view
Dispatch automatically to nearest vehicle
Automatically dispatch by turns to vehicles or units
Trailer management
Route planning for pickups and deliveries
Route optimization of waste shipments
Fleet management and tracking
Fleet registry
Utilization charts
Refueling reports
Management of cleanings
GPS tracking
Automatically updated depot positions of vehicles
Route data from mobile app
Route data from vehicle tracking device
Manual updates of vehicle mileage
Automatic updates of vehicle mileage
Vehicle and driver specific driving style summary report
Order specific:
  • driving distance
  • fuel consumption
  • engine on time
Taximeter integration
Temperature tracking
Driver features in mobile app
View rotas
View work orders and freight bills
Manage transits and add data entries
Pick up unassigned orders from the list
Shift passenger's ride to another vehicle in student transport
Work time tracking: clock in and out, enter hours worked and report work details in real time
Request shift, leave or holiday and notify of sick leaves
View payslips
Scan freight bills
Collect recipient's e-signature
View fixed route schedules
Printing signs for transits
Entering garage position
Vehicle issue reporting
Refueling reporting
Toilet maintenance reporting
Manual updating of mileage
View internal announcements
Company phone book
View locations of other active vehicles
Financial management
Email and paper invoices
Payment monitoring
Integration with external invoicing software
Payroll processing and integration with external payroll systems
Profitability analyses
Shift income reports
Email documents, confirmations and reminder to customers and personnel
SMS confirmations and reminders
User management
User interfaces in Finnish and English
Custom translations
Company and user specific customization of user interfaces
Free support
Secure Finnish servers
Automatic backups
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