Work time tracking

Our work time and attendance monitoring solutions ensure efficient use of resources in accordance with collective agreements.

Miles ERP supports a variety of ways to track attendance: the mobile app allows you to clock in and out even on the road, and an on-site device can be used in offices to record start and end of shifts. Being late for work triggers notification to the employee in question as well as his supervisors.

The mobile app is especially useful for work time tracking – it enables drivers to:

  • report what they are doing by selecting work type label from a pre-configured list and by entering a description of current chore in real time
  • enter the details of completed transports, number of hours worked, and any reimbursable expenses
  • enter daily allowances
    • the system can also calculate daily allowances automatically

For some orders, such as for most fixed-route transits, drivers do not usually enter any transit data or work type selection manually. In this case, it is possible to create work time tracking data automatically based on transits completed.

Integrations with external systems

Work hour entries can be imported into Miles ERP from other work time tracking services. You can also export Miles ERP's work time data to external software.

Handling shifts

The Shifts view shows all orders for a day along with the related work type entries and hours worked. The program automatically highlights the shifts that require your attention. They can be adapted to comply with the collective agreement at the touch of a button: the system, for example, automatically discovers the longest unpaid breaks so you do not have to detect them by visual inspection.

You can also add and edit work hour entries, reimbursements of expenses and daily allowances manually before marking shifts as checked and approved. If employee's shift is missing hour entries or has any ambiguities in the work time tracking data, the application can be used to send him a clarification request SMS.

You can accept shifts individually or all at once and then let Miles ERP convert the data into payroll transactions.