With Miles ERP there is no need for external billing software. Invoicing is completely automatic, making it easy to export your detailed transactions to sales ledger and for accounting.

Miles ERP significantly reduces the manual work involved in invoicing: invoice is ready for use once the order has been completed. You can define company and customer specific billing cycles and easily check payments using Miles ERP's own payment monitoring feature.

Miles ERP supports:

  • prepayment
  • invoicing based on completed orders
  • seasonal billing
  • sending invoices
    • as paper prints
    • by email
    • as FinVoice e-invoices directly from the program or via a bank

Accounting software integrations

Invoices are pre-processed for accounting purposes: you transfer them to the sales ledger or accounting software at the touch of a button. The system integrates with several accounting systems and new integrations are added as needed.

You can also export invoicing data in CSV format into other external software.