Customer communications

Effective communication is a key part of any business. Miles ERP helps your company deal with your customers efficiently and reliably – and with a high level of security.

Miles ERP provides you with:

  • online forms that drastically reduce the need for manual processing of orders and quote requests
  • versatile customer registry enabling you to
    • use customer specific settings and add multiple contacts for each client
    • import customers from external programs
    • export customer data to external programs, e.g., for analysis and bulk mailing
  • option to create service price lists and send them to your customers
  • email and SMS message automations for confirmations, reminders, and inquiries
    • the sending method can be set on customer or on order basis
    • in passenger transport, you can have notifications of pickups, arrivals and delays sent to the customer – e.g., to notify child's parent about school transport or to inform the tour guide about ETA of the booked vehicle
    • in freight transport, you can automate delivery notifications as well as the process of asking your customer for the most suitable parcel delivery time

Secure email

Normally, when you send an email, the message is usually stored unencrypted on the recipient's email server and devices. Thus, your control over the mail security is very limited.

Miles ERP's own secure email brings you a private communication channel that keeps the content of important messages safe: when communicating via secure email, your customer gets an email link for reading your message. The message itself is password-protected and stored on your system reducing email-related security risks.

Secure email can be enabled and disabled individually for any customer.