Fleet management and tracking

Miles ERP helps to keep the fleet under control – the system makes sure you are up to date on

  • the location of vehicles while on the move and at the depot or garage
  • repairs
  • maintenance
  • inspections
  • cleanings
  • fuel refills

In addition to the system automations, your drivers can easily enter vehicle-related information into the system, and it gets updated in real time for transit planners and the maintenance team.

For analysis, Miles ERP generates reports, e.g., on fleet utilization and refueling.

Real-time locations and routes

Miles ERP's mobile app enables you to locate your company's resources with minimal hardware requirements. The app provides several useful features based on GPS positioning:

  • see the location of vehicles in real time
  • explore routes of orders and vehicles
  • map view also shows the positions where the work type has changed
  • if necessary, the drivers can be authorized to view the location of each other's vehicles on the map for co-operation purposes
  • system can send your customers an estimate of the time of the arrival based on the vehicle's location

Fixed installation vehicle tracking device

If you want to make sure that you receive vehicle location information regardless of whether the driver's mobile app is on or not, it is possible to use a vehicle tracking device that sends location data whenever the engine is running.

With a vehicle tracking device your system automatically gets:

  • mileage updates
  • the actual driving distance of orders that can be used for automatic pricing
  • order specific fuel consumption
  • engine running hours

The device data can be used for profitability analysis and for generating vehicle or driver specific driving style reports.

Integrations and additional services

Temperature monitoring, remote tachograph data download and other devices and integrations are also available from our partners. We work together with several suppliers.

If your company already has a GPS positioning or other vehicle data solution that you would like to use in ERP, please let us know.